To Recover Back Your Glory, Destiny

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To Recover Back Your Glory, Destiny: What’s crooked can’t be straightened and what’s wanting

can’t be numbered, the Lord has seen the tears of the oppressed but they have no comforter no

one has power over the wind to contain it, likewise no one has the right to control your destiny.

There’s none God didn’t create greatly You will see students

with different destinies in a class they are being thought one topic at a time but among them,

you’ll see some student that doesn’t understand the lecture well while some as they’re being

thought they catch up fast even before the lesson is over the brilliant ones are blessed with the

gift of understanding but that doesn’t mean that the non-brilliant ones can’t know better. That’s

how it is in human destiny, God created all human with a great and powerful destiny Someone

that ought to be DM of a company now end up carrying the briefcase of a DM it isn’t right at all

or a person that ought to be the CEO of a petroleum station but end up being a pump attendant

it isn’t right at all, or someone ought to be the one ordering people around but end up being

ordered it isn’t right at all but that doesn’t mean the person

can’t locate his/her destiny. To Recover Back Your Glory, Destiny

Let me tell you a real-life story

There’s a lecturer that has been teaching for a long time in a university

but when it’s time for promotion he doesn’t get promoted, these borders him a lot


but he kept on saying that when the time comes they’ll promote him. When it was time

for another promotion they promoted some people but he wasn’t included What startled him the most

was that his friend from college that they both started lecturing together was promoted from lecturer to professor.

He got angry from the spirit and it woke him up into understanding that something isn’t right

so he decided that he’ll pay any price that will make him be in the position he belongs he realized that what was going

on with him is beyond human imagination, that’s how he started praying for God to release his destiny from destiny

exchangers he prayed and fasted he also put more effort into what he wants. After some years when it was time for

another promotion he was included among the people that was how he promoted from lecturer to professor.

Recovering your exchanged destiny: If he didn’t wake up in spirit and kept on saying that when the time comes he will

get promoted he would never have gotten promoted instead he would have been fired or they’ll put a junior above

him. All these evil spirits are the fallen angels that fell with Satan from heaven we all know them as demons. they are in

charge of different things some are in charge of waste, delay, manipulation, waywardness and many more

The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12:For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
against spiritual wickedness in high places(KJV). Recovering your exchanged destiny

that is why as a Christian we need to be prayerful and be strong in the Lord, you should also flee


from what these spirit of Molester see that bring them closer to you

Let’s look at Mary Magdalene story

Jesus cleansed Mary Magdalene of seven demons and she was delivered she didn’t go back to her sins rather she

became a disciple of Jesus. She was one of the witnesses to the Crucifixion and burial of Jesus and was the first person

to see him after the Resurrection in Matthew 27:61, Mark 15:47 and in Luke 23:55 The woman gives birth to a male

child who is threatened by a dragon,

identified as the Devil and Satan, who intends to devour the child as soon as he is born.

When the child is taken to heaven, the woman flees into the wilderness leading to a war in heaven in which the angels

cast out the dragon. The dragon attacks the woman, who is given wings to escape, and then attacks her again with a

flood of water from his mouth, which is subsequently swallowed by the earth in Revelation 12:1-

11 (KJV). To Recover Back Your Glory, Destiny: We don’t need to agree with all these spirit we

need to detach our self from them so that we live a life of fulfilment or what’s the

gain of a person that doesn’t fulfil destiny. The head that ought to be feeding others now end up begging to feed, that

destiny has been molested, or he that ought to be crowned but end up being a shoe keeper to the king, that destiny

has been molested and if it’s like that, the person needs to call upon God to release his/her destiny out if the hands of


destiny molesters. God is the only one that can make you to fulfil and archive your destiny, don’t rely

or believe in any other power expect God.

He’s the Melech Haolam, Abir, Matir Asurim, Ehiyeh sh’Ehiyeh, El ha-Gibbor, the omnipotent God.

God is above all other gods, we should live a righteous and

a God-fearing life only will you fulfill your destiny. To Recover Back Your Glory, Destiny

I pray into your life these prayers

  1. Any power that want to molest your destiny shall be destroyed in Jesus mighty name.

2. Any power that wants to disconnect you from the socket of your destiny shall be dismantled in Jesus name.

3. Negative circumstances that are affecting your destiny shall bow in the name of Jesus.

4. Every power delaying the manifestation of your Destiny Shall be destroyed in Jesus mighty name.

5. Your destiny shall be free out of the spirit of molestation in Jesus mighty name Amen

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