If Men Were God

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How will the world be if Men Were God? A human that if you offend them

they find it difficult to forgive, or is it a person that he is not the one that

created you but they will manipulate your destiny to collect all the good

things that God give you. If men were to be God the oxygen we breathe

will be for sale, can you imagine please how much oxygen are we going

to buy from just 12 am to 5 am, if Men Were God it is when it pleases him

rain will fall, and if also it pleases him he can say that the sun should shine

without end and there is no way you can plead even with tears human are

always human, if it also pleases him he will say that the stars and moon

should not come at night at all the sky should just be filled with nothing but

darkness, if it also pleases him because human will always be human,

immediately if anybody sin he will find it difficult to forgive the person,

you see why man cannot be God, God will be Go lives a merciful God,

the God that has it all, it is only God that gives and never murmurs,

because if human gives he will brag about it.? The bible said in Proverbs 29:23:

A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit,(KJV).

Let Me Tell You a real-life Story

One day a man was driving back with his vehicle accidentally

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he hits a billionaire’s car and the billionaire came out of the car

and slapped him despite the man is begging him, and a man

was watching the incident in his car from afar, and the man that

was watching the Incident noticed that the car that hit the

billionaire’s car looks awkward, and the man got angry and

came down from his car and asked the rich man how much

is the car that will warrant to slap an elderly man like that,

the rich man said what did he mean and he said how much

is the car and when the rich man got angry he shouted that

this is the amount he used to by the car, and immediately he

wrote a cheque of the same amount of money for the vehicle

and give the rich man but he told the other poor man to take

the vehicle of the rich man and he wrote a check of 2 Million

and told him that he should take the check together with the car

that he hit that is how the poor man became rich. If men were god

the world will be full of danger, now let look at how the way rich man

thinks, is he the one that created himself? Even if the car is more

expensive, is it not God that gives and takes, if it pleases God,

he will say that both he and his car should be destroyed that moment, but no, because

God is a merciful God, so why should we human think we are the one that created ourselves,

or a person that has a slave instead to give the slave good food, no,

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the person will give the slave the left over that the family and children ate,

remember it is the same God that created both the rich and the poor.

The bible says in Proverbs 22:2: The rich and poor meet together: the

LORD [is] the maker of them all, (KJV). Is only human that will think he

created himself and human will always be human, the bible says in

2 Corinthians 10:17-18: But he that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord.

For not he that commendeth himself is approved, but whom the Lord

commendeth, (KJV). And in Proverbs 29:23: A man’s pride shall bring

him low: but honor shall uphold the humble in spirit, (KJV).we humans

let us take life as nothing because naked we come naked we go, when

you have all the world and you die and live everything behind, with all

that you have it could not buy extra life for you to continue living, so

let us do good and let us fear God and let’s live a righteous life matter

how long we live on earth heaven is still our everlasting home, what do

we gain if we have it all but still can not enter the kingdom of God, let us

give our life to Christ, if you know that you are not living a life that pleases

God please amend your ways , all the attitude you have that don’t glorify

God flee from it, give your life to Christ and he will be always be ready to

welcome you back; kindly pray these prayer below: Thank You Jesus, for


rising from the dead to give me life (John 14:6). Come into my heart by

Your Holy Spirit to lead and live in me. Thank You Father that right now,

I am born again (John 3:3), as a fresh, new child of God (2 Corinthians 5:17),

forever set free by Your truth. Once you have prayed this prayer believe that

you’re a new creation and old things have passed, new things have began in

your life forget about your sin; God is a merciful God and his hands aren’t short

to receive you back, anytime that someone repents and come back to God there

is always a celebration in heaven. because he is a merciful God, and the grace to live a righteous life shall fall on us Amen

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