Good News From God!

Good News From God: For more will come, God loves a soul that appreciates, in anything

that we maybe passing through we need to be thankful we should give him thanks if they say

thanksgiving giving many of us think until we have child dedication,

job promotion, having a car, house and many more, only then we think we should thank God but that isn’t true,

if human sleep and wake up in the morning the person has right to thank God because they are many

that have slept and didn’t wake up again, for us to be able to breathe in and out is another reason we should thank God

if you want to urinate and you urinate without having any issue that is another reason to thank God because

many are there in the hospital that are using a tube to urinate.

Let me tell you a real-life story

There is an elderly man he finds it easy use the restroom but one day he found

out he can’t go to the restroom despite he wants to go after three days

he was rushed to the hospital because he couldn’t find it funny, it was so serious that he couldn’t even fart anymore

so they undergo some test but doctor said that they is nothing stopping him from going to the restroom but they said

that he should take a lot of water and oranges so they prescribe some drugs for him and they discharge on his way home

he was heal and when he got home he can use the restroom and he thank God and appreciates God more because of what

he passed through in that three days. we should appreciate God in any situation we may be passing through,

we should be thankful, instead of us murmuring we should appreciate him we should give him

a worm thanksgiving, when the road is rough we should remember when the road is smooth and thank him.

At times when we pray for something and we don’t see the change we should turn it to thanksgiving,

you can thank God anywhere create a space in your room and give him a worm thanksgiving, appreciate him

for the things he has and hasn’t done. God delivered king Jehoshaphat and his nation from five-nation

that wants to battle with them but through praise in 2 Chronicles 20 (KJV). Jehoshaphat prayed to God

that they do not know what to do, they are helpless and

they need his help and God answered him and said “

this battle isn’t yours but mine” and God told them that they should stand firm and watch his salvation unfold

and they shouldn’t fear or be dismayed for he is with them and Jehoshaphat told his people to sing praises,

for the Lord has fought the battle for them. Do you know now that praise moves God, -king Jehoshaphat

and he didn’t do anything but to praise God and he fought the battle for them, focus on your good news, for more will come. Let’s look at Jesus and the ten lepers in Luke 17:14-19 (KJV):

Jesus saw ten men there were lepers and they asked him to help them so Jesus told them to go

and show themselves to priests so they did so and they were delivered but one of them went back to thank Jesus

and Jesus ask him that isn’t it ten people that were delivered? Where is the other nine? The man said that they left

and Jesus said to him “Arise, go your way for your faith has made you whole” and for the nine ungrateful lepers

their Deliverance o wasn’t fully made. Focus on Your good news for more will come, praise God for your good news

and he will be pleased to do more because God is delighted when we are grateful. I pray into your life

that God will envelop your life with Good News and good news will never depart from you

and you will not have a reason to stop praising God in Jesus mighty name Amen