5 Powerful Prayers For Business To Help It Grow

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5 Powerful Prayers For Business To Help It Grow: the wealth of the business men is their

fortified city but they shouldn’t imagine it as a wall too high to scale,

our business needs to be a business that pleases God. Either it’s an international or local business

because the source of our wealth is important in the presence of the Lord, we all want our business to flourish,

expand and be successful but we need the blessings of God to

achieve all these but to get the blessings of God

we need to do a business that pleases and glorify his name. You shouldn’t start or do any ungodly business,

yes you can be a billionaire with these but is God please with it? No God can’t be pleased with these because the house

that what built with saliva will surely be brought down by mud,

surely you will be rich and famous but he that gathers wealth

with someone tears will end up in tears. When we have all these what is our gain when we still have something to pay back,

just for the fact you want to get rich quick you have destroyed much destiny, many glory has been terminated

because of you by doing ungodly business, you make others cry, you scam people, you’re tarnishing other peoples image

by selling fake of what they are selling, God isn’t pleased

with all these businesses yes it may feel like it

a business and it makes huge money but in the presence of God it’s a sin.

Local marketers that sell edible foods in bags but because they want a lot of profit from it so they deduct

the little amount of what they are selling and still couple it back as new to sell in the market,

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that is bad all these is a sin in the sight of God repent because as days are passing by human

life is getting short repent. 5 Powerful Prayers For Business To Help It Grow:

The Bible told us in Joshua 7:1-26 (KJV). Achan was part of Joshua men but he committed a sin that wiped him

and his family, God told Joshua and his men to go to Jericho and destroy everything there but there should

take the gold and silver to the temple of God but Achan took a bar of gold, some pieces of silver, a beautiful robe

and buried it in his tent. After Achan took the gold, silver, and robe, Joshua sent some of his men to go and fight

against the city of Aʹi but they are beaten in battle some were killed, and the rest run away. Joshua is very sad

so he went to pray to God: ‘Why have you let this happen to us? God answers: ‘Get up! Israel has sinned.

They have taken some of the things that were meant to be destroyed or to be taken to my temple.

They stole a beautiful robe and kept it secret. I will not bless you until you destroy it and the one who has taken

these things.’ God says that he will show Joshua who the person is, so Joshua gathers all the people together,

and God picked out Achan. Achan says: ‘I have sinned. I saw a beautiful robe and a bar of gold and silver pieces.

I wanted them so much that I took them. You will find them buried inside my tent when these things are found and

brought to Joshua, he says to Achan: ‘Why have you brought trouble on us? Now God will bring trouble on you!’

and all the people stoned Achan and his family to death. Money is the root of all evil, look at what Achan brought to his family,

whatsoever you sow you shall reap, ungodly business and investment shall not be blessed by God.

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Jesus said in Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other;

or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (KJV).

And he also said in Matthew 6:19-21 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust

doth see corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves

treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break

through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (KJV).

5 Powerful Prayers For Business To Help It Grow: Hear what Jesus said we should do,

He said we should put our treasure in heaven where no moth and rust will corrupt and no thief will break in and

steal because even though if you gain everything through lies and deceit at the end of the day what is your gain?

All what we archive on earth we met it here on earth and we will also live it on earth.

Let me tell you a real-life story

There is a man his friends Introduced him to a business deal that worth $28,856 and they were assuring him

that he will profit much more in return which he agreed. He used all his savings when he got the money

he booked a ticket to go and meet the business dealers, when he got there they took the money from him and scammed him,

on his way coming back the man sitting beside him in the plane observed that he isn’t himself, the man couldn’t

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take it he asked what is going on? So he explained to him all that happened that his friend introduced a business to him

to scam him and they took $28,856 from him, the man told him that he should be careful next time because people

are dangerous, he should know the kind of business he invests in next time, and the man gave him a cheque worth $786,988

that he should start a new business with it and when it flourishes he should pay him back and he gave him his business card.

Oh! My business shall be blessed by God, Look at what his friends did to him through dirty business if it isn’t

the fact that God sent that man to come

and help him the shock of that incident could have made him lost his life. In all what you do always make sure

it pleases the Lord don’t live a life that make others shed tears, any business that doesn’t pleases the Lord flee from it,

fear the Lord and live a righteous life and do a Godly business, remember only when you do

a business that pleases God that’s when it will be bless by God and pray these prayer into your life:

  1. I declare that no weapon fashioned against my business shall prosper in Jesus name amen
  2. I declare that through this business, I shall loan to nations and not borrow from anyone in Jesus name.
  3. Father, give me great wisdom for strategy so as to succeed in my business in Jesus name.
  4. I declare that my business shall flourish after the order of Isaac in Jesus name.
  5. Father, connect me to the right people to help me succeed in business in Jesus name.
  6. the grace to do Godly business Shall overwhelm in Jesus mighty name Amen

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